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Development Fund Insights & Mandates

Firsthand Insights on Development Fund & Mandates

  • 2 hr
  • 250 British pounds
  • Online

Session Details

Development Funds exist to provide, as the name suggests, critical financing for developing a large scale project. Whilst there is a lot of material on Family Offices and VCs, there’s not a lot on development funds. This session therefore is highly beneficial to grasp an understanding of the 12 Development Funds in Saudi Arabia. In this session we therefore cover: - What are development funds - Why are they important - What does the development fund landscape look like - The 12 Development Funds in Saudi Arabia - Difference between types of Development Funds? - What makes them different to FOs/VCs and other investors - How do you find them/approach/speak to them - How do you build/maintain relationships - How to pitch/raise finance from them - How are they structured and governed - Typical process of a development fund - Other than profit, what is/are the most important metric(s) for a development fund The session will be hosted by experts who have direct experience in dealing with development funds. Key insights, first-hand stories and practical advice will be provided ensuring you will leave this session with an incredible understanding of the development funds space and confidence that you too could raise from them. ---- How it works: 1. Book your place for the 2 hour on-demand live session 2. Turn up at the appointed time of the session 3. In the live session there will be a presentation providing insights, knowledge and information on Development Funds, followed by a Q&A segment

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